Fazley Yaacob dah Tak Guna Gelaran Dr, European Business School Irish Palsu

Dr Fazley didakwa oleh BBC mempunyai ijazah Phd palsu dari sebuah universiti iaitu European Business School Irish.
Cerita pasal European Business School Irish Palsu ni keluar pada tahun 2005. Boleh baca petikan berita yang saya dapat kat bawah. Dalam petikan berita tu, universiti tu diragui dan Menteri Pendidikan pada ketika tu diminta mengambil tindakan sewajarnya agar pelajar pelajar Malaysia tak tertipu.

Fazley dalam kenyataan pada media, dia sudah tak lagi menggunakan gelaran Dr kerana dia sendiri sudah syak ada sesuatu yang tak kena dengan European Business School Irish tu. Kesian Fazley kan..penat penat belajar dah tertipu pulak..
Pengajaran kepada semua rakyat Malaysia, nak pi belajar ke oversea tu, pilih universiti yang diiktiraf, siasat dulu latar belakang dan minta pendapat orang yang pakar. Banyak universiti kat Malaysia ni yang bermutu, payah payah sangat pilih study kat Malaysia je.

Petikan bawah dari sumber http://www.degreeinfo.com/


Irish Ambassador to Malaysia Daniel Mulhall has called on the Government to take action against the Irish International University for committing deception by parading itself as an Irish university.

He confirmed today that the university had no ties with Ireland and that he had reported the issue to the Irish authorities to determine what action could be taken against the people behind the institution.

“They do not offer any courses or conduct any classes in Ireland. I find the name is itself a deception because they are neither Irish nor a university.

“I think the Malaysian authorities are aware of this and I hope they will take action to prevent people from being deceived into thinking they have qualifications from an Irish university,” he said.

The New Straits Times reported on Tuesday that several hundred Malaysians may be holding questionable qualifications from two unaccredited universities.

Degrees from Cambridgeshire University and the Irish International University are not accredited nor recognised in the UK, US or Ireland.

The Higher Education Ministry is now looking into claims that the institutions are bogus, and will also investigate a local institution offering their courses.

Mulhall said there were seven universities in Ireland and they were “all world class and state-backed”.

There were 16 other third-level educational institutions but the Irish Government chose not to call them universities as it was extremely selective and wanted to preserve the “university” tag for a particular level of excellence, he said.

“That is why it is so unfortunate that there are those who exploit the good name of Irish education .”

The Irish International University said on Wednesday that it was a legitimate life-long learning institution and a “new concept” university. Executive president Prof H. Sandhu said the institution, a “private corporate university”, had no physical entity in Ireland, but was set up as a company there in 2000.

Mulhall said the embassy had received queries over the years about the institution and had raised the issue with the Higher Education Ministry on a few occasions.

He said he was even “offended” to see the Irish native language used in the institution’s prospectus, and to add insult to injury, the Gaelic words were misspelt.

“And I have never heard of the Dublin European Institute,” he said, referring to an entity which the Irish International University claims is its ‘bridging campus’.

In the university’s latest prospectus, it is stated that the honorary chancellor is ‘Baron Knowth’. The same man is named as Prof Dr Jeff Wooller in the institute’s prospectus in 2002.

The university says it has four pillar campuses, an open campus (European Business School), external campus (London Executive Schools International), bridging campus (Dublin European Institute) and a credit campus (Professional Development Institute).

It also has pictures of hundreds of graduates in convocations held since 2000.

Degree courses blacklisted

The National Accreditation Board has blacklisted courses offered by two unaccredited and allegedly “dubious” universities. Sources said today the board was aware of complaints about Cambridgeshire University and the Irish International University, and had distributed a circular to officers about the institutions.

“The thing is, we do not know who they are,” the sources said. “This is why we are seriously looking into the matter.”

The New Straits Times reported today that several hundred Malaysians may be holding questionable qualifications from the unaccredited universities.

Degrees from Cambridgeshire University and the Irish International University are not accredited or recognised even in the United Kingdom, Ireland and United States.

Higher Education Minister Datuk Dr Shafie Salleh said today the ministry would investigate claims about the institutions besides looking into a local institution offering their courses.

“We will have to look into whether the universities are bogus or not,” he said when met at the Putra World Trade Centre.

Last year, Yap Yee Lan lodged a police report against NetAcademy, a local institution offering courses in collaboration with Cambridgeshire University and the Irish International University.

She took her case to the Consumer Claims Tribunal yesterday, seeking a refund of almost RM14,000 in fees paid for a Master of Business Administration degree.

Yap alleged that after a year of classes in the MBA programme of the International Irish University, she and her classmates were abruptly asked to transfer to a programme offered by Cambridgeshire University.

She then did some research, and discovered the universities were unaccredited and unrecognised here.

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  1. AiDa AzRyN says:

    Lor kesian fazley yaacob~ hmm

  2. AngahSayang2314 says:

    angah pun ada dengar radio gak pagi tadi.. sian dia penat jer belajar kan???

  3. maCy says:

    kesiannya.. tak apa bkn dia yg tipu~

  4. nuriz says:

    bukan dia tipu,dia tertipu..tipah tertipu..huhu

  5. Ciklinn says:

    kesiann dia tertipuu

  6. belalang hijau says:

    bukan kecil2 org yg kene tipu tuh…
    err..ade x org politik kita dari sini? ngee…

  7. Mario says:

    kesian pulak aku dia ni…dia betul2 tak tau ke uni tu penipu…tp dia mmg pandai kan…

  8. nuriz says:

    tu la org bijak pandai pun leh kena tipu ni..tambah2 yang org2 kecik2 huhu

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