Points to Ponder

  • Kids don’t say “wait”, they say “wait up”.Because when you’re little, your life is up. The future is up.Everything you want is up. “Hold up!, shut up! Mum, I’ll clean up. “Let me stay up!”
    Parent, of course are just the opposite. Everything is down. “Just calm down!”. Slow down. Come down here! Sit down. Put…that…down….

  • You can buy a person time; you can buy his physical presence in a given place; you can buy a measured number of his skilled muscular motion per hour. But you can’t buy enthusiasm. You can’t buy initiative. You can’t buy the devotion of heart , minds and souls. You have to earn those things.
  • Any love that lasts becomes a love story. A marriage, is a shared story: the partners grow in love partly on the basic of shared memories, and partly on the conviction that they are on a journey together.
    In having children, they bring them into the story and introduce them to the characters – aunts, uncles & grandparents- who are already part of it, and the story ought to be continued….
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