If You Think We Think Alike, Think Again

Men’s and women’s brains have much in common, but they are definitely not the same- in size, structure or sensitivities.
Overall, woman’s brain, like her body is ten to 15 % smaller than a man’s.
Here are the differences between men’s and women’s brains.

  1. Women use more of their brains
    Whatever woman do even just wiggling their thumbs –their neuron activity is more greatly distributed throughout the brain

    When a man puts his mind to work, neurons turn on in highly specific areas of the brain. When woman does, her brain cells light up such a patchwork that the scans look like a night view of large city.

    The female brain may make a connections that might not occur to a man. Some call this skills a emotional intelligence; other think of it as women’s intuition.

  2. A woman’s brain responds more intensely to emotion
    The female brain may also detect others’ emotions more accurately but the men had a much harder time recognising sadness in women. A woman’s face had to be really sad for a man to see it. So pathetics isn’t it?
  3. Women have a way with words Girls generally speak sooner and read faster. The reason may be that female use neural regions on both sides of the brain when they read. In contrast, males draw only on neural regions in the left hemisphere.
    As adult women also tend to be more verbally adept. Women think of more words that start with the same letter, list more synonyms and come up with names for colors or shapes more quickly than men.
  4. Women navigate differently from men
    On the road, women pay more attention to what they see, particularly to landmarks like the shop on the corner or the building across the road. When retracing a route or giving directions, womens rely on such landmarks, while men think in terms of direction and distance (half km west, then north for 2 km…bla bla)

    Maybe man are born with some biological components that gives them an edge in spatial task.

  5. A woman’s memory is sharper.
    At every age, women’s memories outperform men’s. Women have greater ability to associate names with faces than men do and they’re also better recalling list.
  6. The brain ages more slowly for women
    A study found that the male brain shrinks faster than the female brain. Poorer memory, less ability to pay attention, a more depressed mood and consequently, greater irritability. The reason that mens’s brains change size so drastically may have to do with fuel efficiency. The female brain seems able to reduce its metabolic rate- that is, its use of brain glucose-over time. Older men metabolise glucose at higher rates than when they were younger.
    But women’s brain are more durable, they arent impervious to the effects of ageing.

    P/s Male and female brains do the same things. But they do them differently.

Edited from psycology article.

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