Everyday is Mother’s Day

Emak ku yang tersayang

If you want to see the Kaaba, glance upon your mother”….
Islam has placed such significance and importance on the mother that one can never deeply understand the love of the mother. Imagine Allah loves us 70 times more than our own mothers.
The mother is such that when the child hurt, the mother feels the pain…
The mother is such that when her child eats it is her who gets full…
The mother is such that her child doesn’t come home on time, her heart beat decreases with her eyes fixed on the door…

That’s why The Prophet s.a.w used to say “Paradise lies at the feet of your mother.

May Allah bless all our mother.Amin……….

We don’t celebrate Mother’s Day in May 11th. We don’t love mother for one day and the next day we throw them out in old peoples home.
One day out of the year falls extremely short and can never make up for the years of affection, support and love that mother give to their children on a daily through their lives.
A man asked The Prophet s.a.w: whom shoul I honor most? The Prophet s.a.w replied: Your mother.
And who comes next? asked the man. The Prophet s.a.w replied: Your mother. And who come next? Your mother. And who comes next? Prophet s.a.w replied Your father.

Appreciating one’s mother doesn’t come only on Mother’s Day. It comes everyday!!

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